Her: We Review The Lesbian Dating App

We at Escorts Are For Women Too have tested out more than our fair share of online dating programs. In our professional opinion, they all belong in a special circle of hell. But it can be a laugh, so we keep on cruising.

We were invited to try out Her, the lesbian app for dating and chatting. We thought that anything other than Tinder would be outstanding, since the queer Tinder pool in Toronto is rather shallow. Her has a similar swiping format, each profile has pictures, height, orientation, and distance from your phone. On top of this there is a Facebook-style feed that lists lezzy news and events (as they call them) relevant to your GPS that are mainstream but rather cute.

Profile photos aren’t limited to ones already uploaded on Facebook. This turns out to be rather crucial, because there is no clear space to write a bio. So when it comes to messaging a hottie, often all you have to go on is their look, and hope that they’ve put a picture of themselves in front of some mountains or getting tattoo, so you can strike up conversation that goes further than the cunt-shrivelling “hi how r u” opener. There is an option to insert text into a photo space, but most people don’t. Their website coos that we can “forget those boring forms” and just shove 20 selfies on our profile, sit real quiet and patient and hope that someone sends us a message first. A little peek into the mind of a matching profile would be a huge time saver, as we at Escorts Are For Women Too are militant sapiosexuals who need more to get off than “I love going to the gym and watching TV.”

Saving grace… there’s no reject button. It’s a double sliding reversible conveyor belt of women so if you swiped the love of your life to the side, it’s very easy to get her back again.

All in all, it’s a sweet but somewhat clunky app that has a go at encouraging women to talk to each other.

A Couple’s Review

We get wonderful feedback from clients in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal who have found escorts, BDSM professionals, and massage providers through our listings. Recently a couple contacted us to let us know about their experience.

Veronica joined my girlfriend and I last night for our first threesome together. I was hesitant in my selection process of whom to approach for what I wanted to be a special, sensual erotic experience for my girlfriend who I adore on her birthday. We are so unbelievably happy I approached veronica and that she was available.

Veronica provided an experience above and beyond our expectations. Besides the obvious that she is a truly classy, sexy and sensual woman she is a great person as we took the time to get to know each other over a drink first prior to moving to the hotel room.

Veronica I know you enjoyed yourself last night too and we both want to thank you for a euphoric sensual erotic night that we will never forget. Big kiss from both of us. Xxx D&N

What is your desire? Connecting people to their ideal service provider is what we do best. Contact us at escortsareforwomentoo [at] gmail [dot] com with an idea of what you are seeking.

“I’ve Spent $40,000 On Prostitutes”

While it’s meant to be the oldest known profession, many of us assume it’s mainly men who are at the paying end of prostitution. Here, two women share their reasons for shelling out for sexual services.

“I’ve spent $40,000 on escorts”

Anna*, 42 is a divorced business manager from Sydney, NSW.
I was as nerve-racking as going on any first date. Fidgeting with the dress I’d painstakingly chosen for the evening, I walked into the restaurant wondering what I’d gotten myself into. I clocked him straightaway. Dressed in a suit, he was mid 30s, with dark hair and glasses. Not my type at all. I began to regret the $2000 I’d forked out for the evening.

“Recently divorced after a 15-year marriage, I’d spent months looking for a man I clicked with. But I’d begun to feel disillusioned. I wasn’t simply looking for a relationship; after a deeply unsatisfying marriage I wanted to explore my sexuality, too. It seems extreme, but I wondered if turning to a professional might be the answer.

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New site has sapphic section

I just was randomly googling variations of “women searching escorts” and discovered that has a section entitled “lesbian escorts”. Although I’m sure many of these women aren’t strictly lesbian, it’s fabulous to see another site gearing itself towards women who are potentially or actively looking for a paid erotic experience! And there are many of them!


Oh and this is what they say about their site… I like it!

The Slixa Revolution

Slixa is radically different from other adult entertainer directory style sites. Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily with no outside ads that diminish the REAL sexy women on the site. You’ll find large photos you can actually see and navigation that just plain makes sense. We never try to upsell you – free is free!

Slixa is classy, sophisticated, easy to use, and completely free. We think it’s revolutionary, and long overdue.


Origins of the word CUNT

(it’s a little pop-anthropology)

When this campaign began I knew resolutely that I would use the word ‘Cunt’. It wasn’t so much a decision but a feeling like I had no choice. There simply wasn’t any other word that felt ‘right’. I’ve always liked the word ‘Cunt’ – coming from Ireland, we say it a lot more often that it’s said in the UK.  When I moved here, I began to notice the shocked reaction that I got when I casually said ‘Cunt’ . It was mainly from women.
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Invisibility and Visibility of Queer Women and Lesbians (academic article)

Invisibility and Visibility of Queer Women and Lesbians In the Sex Work Industry Between 1970 and 1990

by leigh vandebogart


This paper focuses on the ways in which lesbians and queer women in the sex work industry were stigmatized in society and the struggle to gain visibility in a society that rendered them invisible. There has been a largely invisible history of lesbians and queer women involved in sex work. The era between 1970 and 1990 was laden with the second wave of feminism, sexual consciousness and sexual revolution, three factors still affecting society. I argue that the existence of lesbian and queer women as sex workers during this time was a difficult one. Lesbians and queer women involved in sex work were marginalized, faced with stigmas and issues of visibility and invisibility, both within and outside of queer and lesbian communities. Through focusing on narratives of queer women and lesbian sex workers, I include the ways in which lesbians and queer women within the sex work industry were oppressed and marginalized within their own communities. I also show not all communities were so oppressive, and some of the women involved in sex work found comfort and solidarity within the queer community.

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