City’s report on prostitution brings topic out of the shadows

City’s report on prostitution brings topic out of the shadows.

I am a former sex worker and executive director of the Providing Alternatives Counselling and Education (PACE) Society and we provide direct support and programming to over 170 street-based sex workers in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

The city report provides a comprehensive framework to begin to address the harms associated with sex work.

Sex work is a complex and nuanced issue requiring an equally complex and nuanced approach.

We applaud the focus on education as much needs to be done to educate society about the realities of sex work including prevention education.

Sex workers are shamed and shunned by society, which means that they are less likely to seek support and services or to report violence perpetrated against them to the police.

Organizations like PACE who provide critical services to street-based sex workers are chronically underfunded and are constantly at risk of closing their doors.

We look forward to working directly with the city to improve the health and safety of sex workers and our communities.

Kerry Porth


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