Archive | February 2012 podcast on organizing for sex workers has a podcast on “Constructing change: Everything you wanted to know about organizing but were afraid to ask” which focuses on organizing for sex workers and includes info on community building, knowing your rights, preventing prostitution sweeps. It includes an interview from the Ottawa sex workers’ union POWER about how police patronize prostitutes with a serial killer on the loose. The podcast is by Stephanie Pinch. Click here to listen.

To the would-be sex work abolitionist, or, ‘ain’t I a woman’?


In her AugustOctober, and December rabble blog posts, Meghan Murphy asks why sex workers and our allies don’t want to engage in “genuine discourse” with her and other abolitionists. It might surprise her, but there is an answer to that question.

Let’s begin with the definition of the word “discourse.” Murphy appears to mean a productive conversation. But while sex workers and allies have provided ample feedback in comments both at rabble and on Murphy’s blog, the terms she’s set don’t allow that feedback to register as “genuine discourse.” I don’t want to engage in Murphy’s discourse because her limits to what can be known and said about sex work reflect neither my reality as a sex worker nor the freedom I advocate for. I can’t engage in Murphy’s discourse because I can’t speak within it. If the “debate” is between feminists and the “sex work lobby,” where is the position from which I can make a legible argument on my own behalf?

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The mistaken logic of ‘asymmetrical criminalization’ — a.k.a. the Nordic model of prostitution


An often-acrimonious divide exists between feminists who call for the abolition of sex work and feminists who favour its decriminalization. As a former exotic dancer who is strongly “pro-decrim” based on the evidence, feminist principles, and listening to sex workers, I’m disturbed by what I see as wrongheaded ideology from abolitionist feminists.

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Officer who investigated missing women got scare while posing as prostitute


VANCOUVER – The officer first assigned to investigate the missing women case recalled Monday that she got a scare while posing undercover as a prostitute.

Vancouver police Const. Lori Shenher said she did “John” stings in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and, while posing as a sex trade worker, was grabbed by a man in a car.

The man wouldn’t look at her while he talked to her, Shenher told the Missing Women inquiry.

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