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Invisibility and Visibility of Queer Women and Lesbians (academic article)

Invisibility and Visibility of Queer Women and Lesbians In the Sex Work Industry Between 1970 and 1990

by leigh vandebogart


This paper focuses on the ways in which lesbians and queer women in the sex work industry were stigmatized in society and the struggle to gain visibility in a society that rendered them invisible. There has been a largely invisible history of lesbians and queer women involved in sex work. The era between 1970 and 1990 was laden with the second wave of feminism, sexual consciousness and sexual revolution, three factors still affecting society. I argue that the existence of lesbian and queer women as sex workers during this time was a difficult one. Lesbians and queer women involved in sex work were marginalized, faced with stigmas and issues of visibility and invisibility, both within and outside of queer and lesbian communities. Through focusing on narratives of queer women and lesbian sex workers, I include the ways in which lesbians and queer women within the sex work industry were oppressed and marginalized within their own communities. I also show not all communities were so oppressive, and some of the women involved in sex work found comfort and solidarity within the queer community.

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The Women Who Sleep With Other Women for Cash

by Wednesday 30 March 2011

delicious dalliances 300x233 The women who sleep with other women for cash.

When I worked in women’s magazines, stories about lesbians or bi-curiosity were guaranteed to boost sales. And that was back in the 90s and naughties. So it’s kind of surprising to see it’s taken this long for someone to turn that curiosity into money.

A new service has recently launched for women to pay to sleep with other women. To fulfil a fantasy, scratch an itch, push a boundary, indulge a whim.

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Our Julie, the little madam that she is, has another article in Comment is Free in the Guardian. This time she is complaining that the pro sex lobby are sexing up the numbers of women who buy sex to make the sex industry more palatable.

Well unpalatable though it may be for Julie B and her colleagues the truth is that women do buy sex and in surprisingly large numbers. The fact that women buy sex has been largely ignored, probably because women buy sex differently to men.

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