Would you pay for lesbian sex?

Article from Lesbilicious

Date posted: July 26 2010

Friday night. You’re lusty and lonely so you pick up your phone, scroll past the takeaways and order an escort. A couple of hours later a woman comes to your house. You pay her, have sex with her, and she leaves.

No gay bars, no pick up lines, no undisclosed expectations – just sex, for cash. As a lesbian or bisexual woman would you do this? Could you do this? Would you pay another woman to have sex with you?

Prostitution is, famously, the oldest occupation. But whether it’s been women or men selling a good time, it’s invariably been men who were buying – they, after all, were historically the only ones with the money and power to do so.

In 21st century Britain wealthy women – of which there are a considerable number – have the means too. So women may now have the cash, but do they have the desire and the emotional capacity to buy sex?

Amelia Ramirez certainly thinks so. She herself wanted to have sex with a woman and was willing to pay for the experience, but just couldn’t find anywhere to do so. Spotting a gap in the market, she set up Sirens, a lesbian and bisexual escort agency.

“I looked, but there was nothing for me,” explained Amelia. “I thought there must be hundreds of other women in London who are curious about having a sexual experience with another woman and don’t know how to go about it.”

Genuine lesbian escorts

There are plenty of escort agencies available, of course – any London phonebox can tell you that. But what was missing for Amelia was a place to meet genuinely lesbian or bisexual women.

“A lot of those girls who claim to be bi aren’t bi at all,” says Amelia. “You’re not really getting a full experience. To pay for someone who’s faking is defeating the purpose – it’s a farce really. I didn’t feel at all comfortable going to those fake bi girls.”

But does the sexuality of the escort really matter? Whether it’s a straight woman faking an attraction to you or a lesbian woman faking an attraction to you, it’s still sex based on a lie.

For Amelia, the real issue is not the emotional connection but the physical. After all, if you’re paying for a service you expect a certain level of skill and experience. Skill and experience which are in short supply, in fact – Sirens is recruiting.

“This is so new that it’s proving difficult to find women to work for us”, Amelia admits. Sirens has a few bi girls on the books already but Amelia wants more bona fide lesbians: “girly girls, boy-types – we want all kinds.”

For legal reasons Sirens offers an introductory service only – what may or may not happen from that point is up to the women involved to arrange themselves. But for women willing to read between the unsubtle lines the money can be very good: “Experienced girls – the ‘model’ types – can expect to earn around £300 an hour for house calls. The more ‘girl next door’ types will charge about £150 an hour.”

Satisfying bi-curiousity

Perhaps the reason why there are no escort agencies for lesbians is that there just isn’t a culture of paying for sex in the lesbian community. Embarrassment, shame, guilt: there’s a lot of negative feelings and perceptions to overcome before this could ever approach the mainstream. It’s something that Amelia has certainly considered.

“I don’t know if ordinary lesbian women will take to it,” she admits. “But for bi-curious women I wholeheartedly think it will work.

“Women who have heterosexual relationships but who want an experience with another women – they’re not going to go to gay bars or dating sites. They’re not looking for a relationship, they just want to try sex with a women. We see this as an easy avenue for women to explore their sexuality.”