The best sex of my life

How I got what I wanted – and you can too

I’m a lesbian. I paid a woman for sex and it was the best I’ve ever had in my life.

It was so many things I didn’t expect it to be. It got me thinking about all the ways we gay women deny ourselves sexual experiences. This was my one-woman protest march.

My reasons for hiring a sex worker could be like anybody’s: I’ve been single a while and wanted someone hot to kiss me; I’m in a long-term relationship without sex, or I just wanted to try something different and sexy.

“The clitoris is not a button, it’s an iceberg!”

Sex educator Karen B. K. Chan of Fluid Exchange has written a 3-part essay on wooing the clitoris. Click on the links below to read this beautifully written, informative and supportive piece…

13 Ways to Woo a Clitoris Part 1

“Every clit is different everyday. You can’t know how it’s gonna feel until you feel it. People with penises put them everywhere, for serious arousal or just for fun. We oughta learn from them.”

13 Ways to Woo a Clitoris Part 2

“The clitoris has agency. It doesn’t just get stuff done to it, it does stuff.”

13 Ways to Woo a Clitoris Part 3

“The clitoris is not a button it’s an iceberg.”


Would you pay for lesbian sex?

Article from Lesbilicious

Date posted: July 26 2010

Friday night. You’re lusty and lonely so you pick up your phone, scroll past the takeaways and order an escort. A couple of hours later a woman comes to your house. You pay her, have sex with her, and she leaves.

No gay bars, no pick up lines, no undisclosed expectations – just sex, for cash. As a lesbian or bisexual woman would you do this? Could you do this? Would you pay another woman to have sex with you?

Prostitution is, famously, the oldest occupation. But whether it’s been women or men selling a good time, it’s invariably been men who were buying – they, after all, were historically the only ones with the money and power to do so.

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