Ben Thomas


Age: 34

Gender: trans man; female-to-male; man.  I identify as a man and look the part but do not hold fast to typical masculinity and have not had bottom surgery.

Incall Location: near downtown Ottawa

Outcalls: Yes; hotels, and residences of repeat clients

Specialties: LGBTQ-inclusive and accessible to folks with disabilities.

Hi! I’m Ben Thomas. I am a university educated but down to earth trans man who enjoys being in the company of women regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.  I approach my work as an opportunity to share sensual and healing experiences whatever form this takes is up to us to decide. My interests include: cycling, boxing, vegan cooking, reading, listening to music, watching movies (comedies especially!) and learning new things (I am about to take classes in Reiki and how to drive a motorcycle). I am also interested in meeting YOU! xo