Mistress Flora Revel


Age: Early 30s

Gender: Lady

Incall Location: Downtown Toronto, with a few different location options.

Outcalls: Yes

Queer femme top here, with nearly a decade of experience in “women and trans” BDSM communities in Toronto. Of course I offer a range of S/M play, though if you really want to access my sweet spots, you’ll come for (consensual) coercion, depraved fetish, objectification, or embarrassment and exposure scenarios. Power is what lights me up.

I’m especially acquainted with fostering submission and vulnerability in masculine women. Having said that, I am familiar with (and thankful for) the range of gender expression in our communities, so if I appeal to you, please get in touch. Basically, if you’d like to get under a powerful femme with your discretion assured, here’s your chance. I also offer confidante and consultation services about a range of topics relating to gender and BDSM.

Please note my site is geared to the bulk of my client base (straight men), so any questions about my offerings to queer and trans folks are welcome, and can be addressed in a complimentary phone consultation. Email me!

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