Mistress Chloe Marie



Age: late 30’s

Incall: well-equipped, warm, immaculate and private domestic setting in west-end Toronto –unless another environment is called for. If so, I also have access to a more traditional “dungeon”.

Outcall: Yes. I love travel and excursions to Toronto’s finer and boutique hotels. For private residences, I require slightly more screening information.

Specialties: couples, sensual domination, BDSM education, trans inclusive, disability friendly, healing work

I love and respect women and few things are more joyous and exciting to Me than helping them realize their fantasies of dominance and submission. I offer traditional BDSM sessions for women looking to explore their submission–within a couple or on their own–as well as dominance training for women who are excited to step into their power and take the reins of control.

My years of BDSM play and instruction with a diversity of women have granted Me a highly attuned appreciation for the uniqueness of our sensuality, bodies and desires. I specialize in scenes where women get to let go and fly (or gratefully sink to the floor as the case may be), knowing they are held safely by My professional expertise. My sessions are open to women on their own, or in couples of all genders, where they can submit or explore dominating their partner with an erotically-minded guiding hand.

Whether you are bi/queer/lesbian/trans or straight, I invite you to contact Me for a one-on-one conversation about your desires and boundaries.