Mistress Ophira



Age: 27

Gender: female

Incall location: Toronto West End

Specialties and skills include: trauma-informed kink/trauma healing; trained LGBTQ sex educator; disability friendly (incall space unfortunately has a short staircase walkway, no ramp); trans-inclusive

I enjoy approaching BDSM (and all sexuality) not only as something fun and recreational but also as a path to healing, recovery from trauma and repression, and personal/spiritual growth. I adore in-depth role play scenarios, sensual sadism and domination, edging, corporal punishment, and much, much more. Communication is paramount for me, and I strive to build one-on-one relationships with my guests in order to make their individual fantasies come to life as vividly as possible. I am university-educated, and love conversation that is both stimulating and down-to-earth.