Petra Von Tears

Photo.KingaMichalska-11 (2).jpg


age: 33


gender: femme


incall location: Toronto west end 


outcall: only in Montreal, Ottawa, NYC 


specific skills and specialties: trans and gender nonbinary inclusive, accessible to certain physical and neuro-divergent abilities, as well as mental illness, trauma-informed kink and consent


Queer BIPOC femme dominant. I welcome you with the utmost respect and hospitality for looking to fulfill your desires with a professional, whether it is solo or with a partner (of any gender). I specialize in crafting scenes of a psychological nature, whether that is humiliation, shame, degradation, objectification, and/or gendered roleplay. I also thoroughly enjoy inflicting consensual violence of a physical nature, whether that is by hand or implement. I practice kink with a trauma-informed focus, and consent and clear boundary setting for all parties is vital. I welcome the patronage of fellow providers.