Rylee Mae

Copy of PSX_20180106_084023.jpgwww.ryleemae.com

age : 27

gender : genderfluid

incall location : downtown Montreal

outcall : Yes. Downtown Montreal (Downtown Ottawa and Toronto when touring. Other visits available upon request)

specialties: trans & non-binary gender inclusive, accessible to people with certain physical disabilities (locations vary) & neuro-divergence/mental illness, consent-based & trauma-informed.

“In search of the genuine connection that arises from shared passion, I offer a space of solace, care and compassion; a respite from worldly responsibilities doused in hedonism and set aflame with a deep and sensual hunger. Pleasure matters deeply, I believe, and desires must be explored for us to be our whole selves.”

As a former sex educator and current massage therapist and trauma worker, I deeply believe in the healing power and necessity of relationships built on consensual intimacy and touch. My work is a chance to celebrate the inherent beauty and power of all bodies and I am always honoured to witness the unique magic of my guests. A sensitive being and empath, I take joy in creating spaces where we can shed our shame and let the deepest and most vulnerable parts of ourselves can unfurl in safety.

I offer sessions of many varieties – from rowdy romps to exploratory BDSM to therapeutic touch and massage.

Sliding scale rates for women, trans folks and fellow providers.