Veronica Sway

 Veronica Sway

Age: 40

Gender: female

Incall Location: downtown king and spadina

Outcall: yes

Specialties: escort, kink and gfe

My name is Veronica. My favourite compliment I have ever received is “it’s as if you looked deep into my eyes and found what makes me tick…”

I believe that if you’ve been given the chance to explore someone’s secret desires, you should not leave one stone unturned.

Many years ago i shed the guilt and shame of being an overtly sexual women and I decided to own that part of myself.

I began my performance career as a dancer, competing in highland games as a young girl. It was inevitable that I would be bitten by the musical theatre bug. I have studied dance and drama and now run a theatre company out of Toronto. I am a pole dancer and gym enthusiast. I am a wine fanatic and have tasted collections all over North America. I am a traveler at heart, always itching to pack my bag and explore new places.

I enjoy the company and companionship of women, in my personal life as well as an escort for hire.

My rate for women is $300 an hour.

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