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Is Sex A Human Right?

By Zoe Krupka via NewMatilda

A campaign to change the law to allow people living with disabilities better access to sex workers has provoked plenty of discomfort. Why is this so, asks NM News Therapist Zoe Krupka

Kelly Vincent, the South Australian Dignity for Disability MLC, is campaigning to decriminalise prostitution so people living with a disability can have greater access to the services of sex workers. Not unexpectedly, the response to what is one of many such campaigns worldwide has been mixed and often hostile. Is sex a human right? Why is it so hard for us to accept and respond to a call for sexual attention from those who experience sexual dispossession?

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The Awesome Sex Worker Who Loves Disabled Clients

This story makes me smile! If you want to learn more – visit Touching Base or listen to Global Perspective’s “The Too Hard Basket” by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

If there’s one thing that makes some people squirm more than the idea of a functional, happy sex worker it’s the frank discussion of disabled sexuality. And award-winning Australian director Catherine Scott has set out to demystify both in her new documentary, Scarlet Road: A Sex Worker’s Journey.